Tips To Keep Your Co-Working Space Clean And Hygienic

Laptops on table inside a co-working spaceCo-working spaces have become a home to many entrepreneurs and employees for the past years. They spend most of their time working – but also eating, relaxing, and connecting with associates here. It’s a growing community everywhere. But where growth is, problems inevitably arise. 

One such issue common among co-working spaces has to do with cleanliness and hygiene. With more and more people, these become harder to maintain. Thus, managers often have to step up to hire office cleaners. One good option is an Edmonton commercial cleaning company that is dominating co-working space cleaning around the area. There are plenty more companies in other cities you can check online. But if you’re a coworking space owner who needs to save up or a cohabitant who wants to help keep the cleanliness in your office, then this is the post for you.

5 Tips For A Clean And Hygienic Co-Working Space

Clay-Go (Clean As You Go!)

Tidying up bit by bit is a small thing each cohabitant can do that has a huge effect on the overall cleanliness of your co-working space. Clean it up as you see a mess to avoid unnecessary clutter. Done with your meeting? Store the cable wires to their proper storage and fix the table. Done eating? Clear up the mess and wipe it clean. You get the point. Promoting this habit among cohabitants and your staff will make everyone more responsible and treat the space as their own.

No Food On Desk Policy

Strictly implementing a No Food On Desk policy will surely make any workspace clean and hygienic. Food stains and crumbs can be very unsightly and can lead to an unsafe space. Bacterial growth in the corners of the table or between the cracks and crannies of your devices have detrimental effects on the cohabitants’ health and safety if left uncleaned. 

No matter how busy the office is, a 15 to 30-minute food break at the food hall or office restaurant (be it for lunch or snacks) won’t hurt. It’s even healthier to take such short breaks so they can get back to work with more enthusiasm and energy.

Proper Storage

Blue file organizers

Clutter is a result of improper storage and disorganization. Start with setting up a proper place to store things – binders, shelves, filing cabinets, for instance. Sort all paper documents in their proper files and folders; and stack pens, papers, or sticky notes where they need to be. These will not only declutter your desks but also help you find things more easily. 

Another key procedure is to discard all unneeded items to save space for new ones. Don’t hoard them under storage cabinets so you can neatly stash other necessary office supplies instead. Have all cohabitants adhere to this organized and minimalist idea for a neater co-working space. 

Disinfect And Sanitize

Disinfecting and sanitizing your space is always a necessary step even post-COVID. A study has shown that a shared keyboard has more bacteria than a single-person one. Yet another study conducted in the US posits that a desktop amasses 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, on average. Now, you can only imagine how it goes within a co-working space where everything is essentially shared.

Hygiene, then, isn’t something you can disregard. Disinfecting your IT equipment – computer screens, keyboards, desks, will be a good start. Using certain disinfectants, wipe clean the surfaces of your pantry stove or chair handles regularly. Encourage the cohabitants to use alcohol and sanitizers every now and then to prevent the transmission of harmful viruses and bacteria. All these and more should build a cleaner and healthier working environment for everyone.

Vacuum And Dust

Your co-working space accumulates a huge pile of dust and dirt on the floor considering the crazy amount of traffic it gets on a daily basis. Needless to say, vacuuming, brooming, and dusting are imperative to keep them away. Mopping the floor and deep-cleaning your carpet are tasks you can shuffle among your office employees. Otherwise, you can hire a personal or commercial cleaner to do the job.

Now, dust isn’t only found on the floor but also higher up – clocks, filing cabinets, photo frames, and on surfaces. This is a trigger for asthma and other respiratory issues and, thus, needs to be addressed promptly. A simple spritz of a cleaning spray, wiping, and buffing will do the trick.


Your co-working space needs some amount of attention to be kept clean and healthy. If a commercial cleaning service isn’t an option, there’s still a plethora of ways you can achieve a tidy and healthy space. Keep these tips in mind for a cleaner and healthier coworking space.