Can A Painting Company Run From A Co-Working Space?

Are you searching for information on how to set up and operate a painting company in the Naperville area? This is something that you may have dreamed of doing for many years. However, you may not be able to afford the rent on a new place of business. Instead, you may want to consider what are called co-working spaces. Essentially, both of you are going to share one particular building or office space and do your business jointly. Of course, you will do your business and they will do theirs, but all of the expenses will be shared by both of you. This is how you can run a successful Naperville painting company in a co-working space.

Why This Is A Good Idea For Most People Starting Out

If you have not yet built up a reputation as a successful painter in the Naperville area, you need to start building your reputation soon. Without doing so, which involves getting more clients and testimonials, you may not have a chance against all of your competitors. It is likely that you have people that you know that are renting office space or perhaps a building where they are running their business. They may want to consider working with you, offering to do a co-working business venture from one single office space. This is a great idea because it can help you save money until you are established.

How Would This Work With Another Business?

Paiting Company In Naperville

This is only going to work if you do this with somebody that is not in the same industry as you. You can’t be successful, and also compete against your competitors, if one of them happens to be in the same office space. You will need to work with a business that may either complement the business you are in or may have absolutely nothing to do with what your business is about. By connecting with several companies that may be open to this idea, you can talk about pricing and when you can make this happen. You may only have to do this for several months until you are making enough money from your sales to get your own place to do your business.

Is This A Viable Option For Everyone?

This is certainly not a viable option for every person. Not all companies will be able to allow this to occur. They may simply not have enough space at the place where they are doing business to allow another business to cohabitate the same location. Another possibility is that the cost of working with this other businesses might be too expensive. They may require you to pay far more than you were expecting. By getting quotes from different businesses on how much it will cost to share a space with them, you can quickly determine whether or not this is the best financial option to pursue.

If you are ready to build your Naperville painting company, consider getting a co-working space with someone in your community. Make sure that they are not direct competitors, and that they are going to charge you a fair price for working out of the same office or building. Once this is done, you can start building your company and its reputation, all the while paying a very small amount for the place that will host your business. It’s a fantastic idea for new business owners because it can help them save money and also potentially make new contacts through the other business owner that will be sharing the same space with them.

Shared Workspace – What’s in it For Business?

The concept of shared workspace, commonly known as co-working, is an ingenious alternative to traditional office environments. This innovative idea allows entrepreneurs and freelancers to share resources in an open workspace as opposed to the traditional cubicle or the makeshift setups in the coffee shops.

This concept has proven to be valuable in not only running a successful business but also maintaining a professional career. In that light, we highlight some of the benefits of investing in shared workspace.

Business Network Growth

Porte Gale once said: Your network is your net worth.

In the world of entrepreneurship, who you know is just as significant as what you know. Sometimes, who you know is even more important. In light of the fact that every person in a shared workspace is a professional in their own right, co-working is extremely valuable when it comes to building business and professional networks.

Therefore, it will be unwise not to capitalize on the opportunity to create connections. In any co-working space, you can be sure of finding like-minded individuals who are just as zealous and goal-oriented as you are. You’ll always find someone to share ideas with, and you can even grow to become business partners.


Many shared workspaces offer very affordable rent, especially when compared to leasing out a whole corporate office. In fact, most of them don’t even ask for a lock-in contract. They are also largely flexible – you can find a place that offers daily, weekly, or even monthly contracts. In other words, you don’t have to be committed for a long period of time. That’s why co-working spaces are an excellent breeding ground for start-ups, which can move out any time they become stable.

In addition, many shared workspaces offer essential facilities. This means that you don’t have to worry about getting things like printers, scanners, internet etc., which usually require significant amount of money to put in place.


Community Spirit

Working by yourself can very exhausting and it sometimes comes with absolute loneliness. Every human being is a social creature at heart and will always appreciate at least a little company. Sometimes, you will need someone with whom to share your achievements, discuss your defeats, and ask for some guidance. In this light, shared workspace provides an excellent environment to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit, thanks to the opportunity to work with like-mind individuals.

Over-flowing Talent

Shared workspaces are a haven of talent as they normally attract a vast variety of individuals from various industries and fields. As such, you can rest assured that for any part of your business that is giving you problems, and you need some help, the person next to you may have an effective solution.

Therefore, you need to capitalize on the opportunity to do business while sharing skills as you can’t tell who you will find. Most often, you will be amazed by how valuable they are to you and your business.


One of the most challenging things for an independent professional, is finding the drive get started for the day. This is largely because you are answerable to no one but yourself. Sometimes, having like-minded individuals around will help fire up your enthusiasm and inspiration. By sharing your strategies and objectives with others, you will be held accountable for the progress of your business.

Finals Thoughts

Shared workspaces are becoming increasingly popular for providing freelancers and small businesses instant networking opportunities and comradeship. This is in addition to a plethora of valuable unexpected encounters that can’t be recreated in traditional office environments. The Hive at 55, located in lower Manhattan, is a perfect example of shared workspace.